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CREDO™ is an implementation of NetWeb’s quality policy and ISO certified processes.

In practice, CREDO™ is a set of standardized and validated project management systems, operating procedures and activity checklists to establish predictability, repeatability and reproducibility at every stage of the design-to-delivery process.Each stage in CREDO™ is iterative and evolving to ensure that the output of one stage becomes a quality input for the subsequent stage. Our collaborative and iterative approach means we work alongside clients as one integrated team.01. Review
CREDO™ begins by you
Hindustani Broadcasting & Hindustani Affair: At Cineink, we are committed in managing enlightening Hindustani broadcasting, Hindustani Affair and television programmes in Hindi, English and Urdu.
A liquid flow indicator is used to determine the direction and velocity of the liquid flow. This indicator can be used to detect any leakage, low liquid flow rate, leading to the reduction of water bills and elevation of the efficiency of any system. The accurate liquid flow indicator measures the bidirectional movement of the fluid flow in the smallest unit.
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